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Lowe Smith was always full of ideas. While he was running one business, he was already dreaming up plans to build up another. He had true entrepreneurial spirit. One day back in 1949, Lowe and his friend Frank, his old military buddy from Montgomery, decided to take a little drive to Panama City to enjoy the scenery.

While driving in St. Andrews, Lowe pointed to a spot of land and told his friend "I'm going to build the darndest marina and restaurant in that very spot." Frank laughed him off - only to realize Lowe wasn't kidding. Lowe Smith and his brother Calvin built the darndest marina and restaurant on a little basin in St. Andrews Florida.

The restaurant would be named the Shrimpboat Restaurant and the marina - Smiths' Yacht Basin. Lowe's friend Frank visited every year there after for 56 years. Check out our construction web cam!
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