cabana motel st andrews florida
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cabana motel st andrews florida

Originally a small amusement park sat where the Cabana Motel was built in 1958. Once built, the Cabana Motel was immediately a hit with the tourist's and became a vital part of the small area hosting folks from all over for fishing trips. Even some celebrities and campaigning politicians stopped in from time to time.

The new Cabana Hotel (image directly above) is slated to open the later part of 2008 and will have a 40-50's style retro feel! Visitors - like in the 50's - will have the opportunity to enjoy a fishing trip, diving excursion, sightseeing tour, or charter boat rental. After a fun day in St. Andrews, they can visit the Shrimpboat Restaurant for lunch, shop at Marina Park (slated to open the later part of 2008) and relax at the new Cabana Hotel.

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