Lowe Smith original Shrimpboat Restaurant Owner
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Lowe Smith was "hands on." Growing up in Silacauga, Alabama with six brothers and sisters during the great depression. He was the oldest brother and took on more responsibilities as a result. He learned southern cooking from his mother which fueled a love for cooking that would last a lifetime. At the age of 23, Lowe entered the Army during WWII and after serving his country he co-owned two car lots in Montgomery with his brothers and father. He had made a trip or two to Panama City and fell in love with St. Andrews and dreamed of the possibilities. Well the rest of the story unfolds with Lowe doing what he loved.

Lowe passed away in 2004, he knew his dream of rebuilding the Shrimp Boat would be realized and his family would honor him by serving the same great food with the Smith Family tradition carried on.


Lowe and Calvin were always adding
on to the restaurant, in fact, seven
different times over the years. They were liscensed commercial contractors for over 50 years which helped expedite the jobs of expansion. Some of the other characters in St. Andrews that helped with construction were Waldo Zwickle or "Swickle." A tall hard edged contractor and superb carpenter that could bake a pie that would knock your grandma's socks off.

Then there was Red Baum, a tall skinny older man that could be as mean as the day is long. Lowe was always playing practical jokes on "Red." Red was the expert plumber and lived right across the street and also owned a small gift shop across the street where Tan-Fannies is located today.

The Shrimpboat was torn down in 2002. It was a sad time, but she had to come down to allow something wonderful to take its place. The photo below was taken of Lowe as he watched his restaurants final days.

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