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Lowe worked at the local ship yard and had a car lot on Harrison Ave in Panama City. While working, Lowe purchased some land in St. Andrews. On the land he purchased, he dug out a marina and started building a small 40 seat cafe named the Shrimpboat Restaurant. That cafe grew over the years to seat over 500 guests.

Lowe started contracting out boat captains in order to attract tourists to his hot spot. It worked! Soon the Shrimpboat Restaurant was packed with customers and the docks were full of people going on fishing trips or watching the catches come in and unload. Though Lowe Smith moved from St. Andrews, he kept ownership of the properties which have now been passed down to his family. The Shrimpboat closed its doors in the mid-80's and was torn down in 2002. Soon after, Lowe's son Loren Smith made a promise to his dad to rebuild "the darndest marina and restaurant in that very spot."
original shrimpboat restaurant menu

The original Shrimpboat Restaurant menu

This menu is from the mid 1960's and things were going good in St. Andrews! As you can see, the prices were very low, even for the time. After years of over fishing and restrictions put in place to control catches, the prices for that same red snapper filet has increased to almost 300%. Wow, that seafood platter is only $3.95, thinking about ordering two or three? Let the good times roll!

shrimpboat restaurant st Andrews